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The surprises will be of a different nature and for each of you will be different.

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This day brings unpleasant news or a stressful situation that will require the mobilization of will and Spirit. If you were born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, today you will have engagements or conversations with a woman that are useful to you. You will spend enough time with your friends as long as they do not deal with their own issues and complaints.


Today, you will have enough work at home or with your family, so don't waste time on other things. Concentrate on what needs to be completed today. If you were born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, Wednesday will be an important and successful day for you, in which you will have the opportunity to realize your important plans and desires.

You really like to pamper your husband and vice versa. Cooking together is another shared interest.

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And don't be surprised if you have a lot of cutesy nicknames for each other. The danger Cancers face is getting a little too wrapped up as a couple and becoming homebodies.

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Make sure to get out, be interactive, and stay connected to friends and family. Leo couples are likely to have a very dramatic, theatrical, and passionate marriage. You both have strong opinions and you're certainly not shy about sharing them. While it's nice that there's a lot of romance and passion, you do have a habit of getting too dramatic sometimes. This could result in a power struggle, so be careful not to boss each other around.

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Virgo is an extremely organized, refined, and healthy sign. You and your husband pay attention to the little things and you're all about the details. He's your cheerleader and you're his, which is why helping each other out comes so naturally. Though you may get stuck focusing on your problems and lose site of the bigger picture since you can be a bit nit-picky.

Libra is the sign that rules marriage. This is probably why October is one of the biggest wedding months.

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Libra marriages are, not surprisingly, very much about balance and give and take from both partners. The relationship is a real priority to you and your man. However, the danger lies in losing your individuality. Remember to break out of the couple bubble and do things on your own too.


Scorpio is an extremely sexy and intense sign. There's bound to be a ton of intimacy and passion in your marriage, and you should have no problem keeping the romance alive over the years. Scorpio is also a sign of power and control though, so jealousy issues can crop up down the line. Here is your horoscope for August 21, Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

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