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The tiger male and tiger female have a sense of nobility. They can be domineering and motivated. They do not like clingy or controlling partners. They will want to keep their freedom. They can be egotistical when trying to get their way.

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They like to show off, especially to their friends. Eventually, they might compete with their lover for the spotlight. They might compete for control in the relationship. They are mischievous and fun loving. The monkey male and monkey female have a lot of curiosity and are very outgoing.

They will go after what makes them happy. They will understand when the independent tiger needs alone time. The Monkeys can be somewhat sensitive and might feel as if they are not being appreciated. They can be shrewd. They are independent but like to have fun. Because of this, the tiger will feel they are the only one working at the Tiger Monkey relationship.

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The tiger and the monkey in love both might always have doubts about each other. Because of this,they both might keep secrets from each other ultimately leading to a breakup of the Tiger and Monkey love match. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

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A tiger wife and monkey husband might have too many disagreements to be successful. The tiger woman and monkey man will not be sexually compatible in bed. A tiger husband and monkey wife might work well together. The monkey woman has a sense of humor that will help any tense situations they have. She will enjoy having a lot of friends. The tiger man will spend more time with their lover.

Test Now! The tiger and the monkey friendship will work well together in business but not romance. They will not have trouble keeping their true natures. However, they might have problems forming a bond. In a tiger and the monkey marriage if they can compromise, they can have a successful relationship. Men born in the Monkey year are enthusiastic and responsible. They also know how to easily get what they want. They are stubborn and a bit immature, but actually tolerant. However, they can be problematic too. Women born in the Monkey year are social and connect with others easily.

People are unconsciously drawn to her beauty and warm personality. They have high standards and expectations. These women are full of ideas and highly competitive. Because of their confidence, they can be overly optimistic. But they are responsible and flexible. They adapt quickly to changing environments and make new friends easily. The relationship between Monkeys and Snakes is very extreme. They are either the most compatible or clash the strongest. They have similar personalities, but one is yin and the other is yang. Monkeys are never satisfied and want to try everything.

This makes them suitable for challenging and risky careers. Some choices are professional athletes and stockbrokers. Monkeys are knowledgeable in many topics and are multi-faceted. They can deal with complicated problems. Detectives, editors and lawyers are good fits. This effects the impression they give higher ups. Therefore, being a freelancer is another option for Monkeys. They can choose many short-term jobs that fit their abilities and interests. They have some bad habits though.

Their active personality makes them accident prone and can hurt themselves. It often takes their bodies a while to get accustomed to changing seasons as well.

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Colds and sore throats are common. Monkeys should also take care of their mental health. They care too much about what others think and can easily become depressed. Connecting with friends and family and exercise are very beneficial! The new year brings both good luck and misfortune to Monkeys. Your career will not see much improvement; unfortunately, however, other areas such as education, health, and relationships will reap the blessings of the Year of the Rat.

Monkeys will need to be mindful of their strengths and weaknesses this year. Your intelligence will be beneficial, but your irritability and stubbornness may prove troublesome. Try to channel a sense of harmony this year.

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This year will be a tough one to manage job-wise. However, with the gift of intelligence, you will be able to triumph over rough patches if you play to your strengths wisely. Channeling your persuasiveness and enthusiasm will do well for you, especially in leadership positions. When interacting with colleagues, remember to manage your temper and be mindful of the impact positive relationships can have in the office. Colleagues will be able to provide advice when needed; try to put aside your stubbornness and listen.

Your associates will be a source of encouragement this year.

As creative individuals, Monkeys can also pursue business ventures from home. Take something you love and turn it into a business, anything from writing to entertaining. Just be careful in choosing your partners because you might face betrayal in the workplace.


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Use your smarts to your advantage. With perseverance, you will be able to accomplish any task thrown at you. Be wary of making a hasty career change. Weigh the pros and cons before jumping to a new field of study. Although this year has a generally good outlook for health, the thing to focus on is stress. Because Monkeys tend to be easily angered and agitated, it is vital to maintain a balanced mental state. Take a yoga class at your local gym or find a meditation guru to help with mindfulness—anything to lower your heightened emotions. Remember that a mental imbalance can affect everything from your career to your relationship.

Monkeys are active individuals and will not have to work hard to achieve good health. Keep doing your regular exercise routine, making sure to get enough fluids. Staying in shape helps avoid any sickness from changing weather patterns throughout the year.

Colds might be cause for concern though. Fruits and vegetables loaded with vitamin C will be necessary for good health. The Year of the Rat offers a good outlook for relationships.

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Your qualities will shine brightly this year, and suitors will take notice. Show off your best character traits of friendliness, fun, and intelligence. You will attract a mate in no time! Singles should have no problem finding love this year, as people will notice your good nature and be drawn to your personality. Couples will enjoy a continued happy year together. You will not have to worry about outside influences on your marriage. Your relationship will be immovable, rock-solid for the year. In the Year of the Rat, Monkeys will face challenges in their career but benefit in other areas.